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Plasticos Inden retains for another year the BRC Packaging Certification (British Retail Consortium), one of the most prestigious food safety standards in the world, which guarantees the fulfilment of very demanding requirements in the packaging production process.

Food health is a topic of great concern in the current world and is even considered as one of the main world problems of our time. It is then, our responsibility to commit ourselves to society and to contribute to the improvement of the food industry. That is why, at Plasticos Inden we continuously work in the improvement and care of our facilities, the design of our products and the optimization of our production and process management. We also strengthen the preparation of our personnel according to BRC standards.

With this certification we guarantee the compliance with the current legislation for Food Packaging, we assure the use of a control system which identifies and allows us to trace any possible risk and we are able to offer our products with the highest levels of safety and quality.

With all that, we continue to work and grow continuously, supporting innovation and pursuing the minimizing of negative effects to positively contribute to the environment.

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